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Hello and welcome to Shaggy Dog Couture!!


I started SDC about 4 years ago.


First, a little bit about me. I live in New York on the North Shore of Long Island with my husband John.


We share our home with two Yorkies, Pumpkin & Emma. We adopted Emma in 2015 from Yorkie 911 Rescue. I am active in various animal rescue groups. We are happy to donate a portion of our sales to these great causes.

I started this company because I love pets and fashion, so it was not a far reach to start a pet fashion business. In addition to my online store, I have a boutique in a premier Pet Salon, Lorena’s Happy Tails in St. James, NY.  I love the time I spend in the shop because I get to talk to the customers and see what they are looking for in pet products. The feedback I get from our customers is that our products are unique, high quality and a good value.


Most of the fashions have been hand-finished with crystals, beads and pearls.  


We have just started a Pet themed gift section. I am especially excited about the breed-specific quality plush dogs we offer. We gift box and ship each item. The gifts can be personalized for birthdays, holidays, etc. Just let us know and we will do our best to satisfy your request.


Please visit our Facebook page, where you will see specials of the week.


Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me with requests, suggestions or just to say “hi”


Janice, Shaggy Dog Couture


P.S. Please support your local rescue group – they do an amazing job!

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